Welcome to `django-fobi` (later on named just `Fobi`) - a customisable, modular, developer-friendly form builder application for Django. With `Fobi` you can build Django forms using a user-friendly GUI, save or mail posted form data. Developer-friendly API allows you to build your own form elements and form handlers (mechanisms for handling the submitted form data).

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The `Fobi` dashboard, where you can see all the forms you have created, edit them (add/remove elements, form handlers), create new forms as well as remove existing ones.

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Create a form

Create your first form using awesome user-friendly GUI. Choose what to do with the posted data.

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See the admin part

See the Django-admin for saved data, as well as choose who to grant with permissions of using one or another `Fobi` plugin (form element or form handler).

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FeinCMS integration demo

See the FeinCMS page integration demo to see how to embed an existing form into a FeinCMS page.

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Django REST framework integration

Integration with Django REST framework. Wanted to make your forms available via REST API? Then this sub-package is for you. LIST/OPTIONS/POST actions supported.

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